kumkum ek pyara sa bandhan, diwali puja thali, ganesh pujan, havan pujan
chandan kesar sandle powder used for worship of god and in puja
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Kumkum, moli, pujan samagri all products are used for ek pyara sa bandhan - rakhsa bandhan Tradition of india, our indian culture, indian products, used in all over world for god worship mainly for chandan bindi, balaji , shivji, tilak, in every happiest occasion diwali, bhumi pujan, havan, karwa chauth pooja, dipawali puja, rakhsa bandhan kumkum manufacturer in suncity jodhpur
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Jalani Mouli or A red thread (mouli or kalava) is a small piece of red thread. It is used as an offering of cloth to the deity. Normally it is tied around the Sadhana article eg. Yantra. Mouli is main thing in puja thali. mouli is worn by the people on hand. Its pure red thread (mouli or kalava) essential part of pujan samagri.
Jalani Mouli or Kalava available in quantity :
Jalani mouli or kalava is available in 1 Kg. Packets

Process : A piece of white thread is died with the red and yellow shaded color. These are very fast color. Then make a rounded pack and sealed with jalani brand.

Uses : Jalani Mouli or Kalava is normally used in pujan samagri. Mouli offered to the gods is later given along with 'prasadam' (consecrated temple food) to worn by people on their hands who visit the temple. Mouli offered by sister to his brother at happiest occasion of Rakha Bhandan for "mangalkamna". In marriage ceremony mouli tied the married couple with each other. Today Mouli is worn by people on their hand as fashion and dharmik Astha. Jalani Mouli offered by one friend to other friend at happiest occasion of Friendship Day.

How to Use : Jalani Mouli or Kalava
is worn by people on their hands.