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chandan kesar sandle powder used for worship of god and in puja
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Jalani divya deepak purely made by Ghee. This is used in daily God worship and Ocassionally on Diwali puja. Tulsi Pooja. Jalani Divya Deep is a small lamp that is lit especially at Temples in Daily God Worship in the Morning & Evening Aarti or Pooja, Office and Home Pooja Diwali, & other places (New Year's in India). Though in these days electric lights are replacing earthen Diyas, still the charm of traditional Diwali Hindu Lamps is there. These Jalani Divya diyas are used for offering prayers to Gods and the deceased ancestors, are floated on leaves over the holy rivers like the Ganges at Haridwar. They have long been linked with Diwali tradition and are today the most integral of all the Diwali decorations.
Key Ingredients : Pure Ghee(butter), Cotton bati.

Process :
Jalani Divya Deepak is purely make with Ghee. Jalani Deepak lit minimum 45 minutes to 1:30 hours normally . An artistically crafted Diya is a small lamp completely Airtight foil packed made of paper with Ghee used as the fuel and cotton wool as the wick.

Jalani Divya Deepak available in Box Packing :  
Jalani Divya-Deepak Box - Quantity 30 Pieces

Uses : Jalani DivyaDeepak
is normally used in pujan samagri. Jalani DivyaDeepak used for offering prayers to Gods and the deceased ancestors. The Hindu festival of Dewali (Diyawali, from diya, Deepawali, light), when temples and houses are illuminated with countless lamps.Jalani Divya Deep also uses at every happiest occasion like daily puja, Laxmi puja, Tulsi Vivah, havan, Diwali puja, Karvachauth(Suhag Vrath), Mrithyunjaya Homam, navratra pujan, durga puja, in India.

Caution :
1. Keep away from Children.
                2. Keep it in dry place.

How to use : Jalani Divya Deep
use to decorate for the lighting in diwali at our home with rangoli.