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chandan kesar sandle powder used for worship of god and in puja
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Jalani Chandan Kesar is a powder of sandal wood & saffron. In Hindu temples, Jalani Chandan kesar paste offered to the gods is later given along with 'prasadam' (consecrated temple food) to people who visit the temple. Jalani Chandan kesar paste worn by women on the forehead just above the bindi and It is also worn by men on their foreheads who visit the temple.
During marriage ceremonies, Jalani Chandan kesar paste is kept at the entrance in order to welcome the invited guests.  This paste gives a cooling effect to the head. Chandan kesar is mainly used for god worship mostly shivji puja & Mastak Abhishek.

Jalani Chandan Kesar Packing available in :
100 grm.
50 grm.
5 grm.

Process : Jalani Chandan Kesar is pure powder paste of sandal wood & saffron (kesar), and natural products. First Sandal wood (Chandan) & saffron (kesar) was grinded into powders than mix all the natural products coming from all over India.

Key Ingredients : Sandal wood (Chandan), Saffron (Kesar), Kapoor (Camphor) & naturals.

Uses : Jalani Chandan Kesar is use in temples for god worship, bindi & teeka for every people who visit the temple. Chandan Kesar also use in pujan samagri for every puja, marriage ceremonies.

Caution : 1. Use Silver, Gold, Stainless steel & kali pots for                     Jalani Chandan Kesar.
                2. Transfer the material in cover container after                    opening the packet.
                3. Keep it in dry place.
                4. This product is Synthetic.

Mixture : Jalani Chandan Kesar is very pured powder .it not contains any type of unnatural products like - color, dust, Ararot, chuna, starch powder, gum, diesel & fragrance.

SideEffect : Jalani Chandan Kesar is pure powder. Chandan kesar powder put on the center part of the pre-head as bindi or teeka. It not gives side effect on skin like burn, stress, fuse and color. This is "Cruelty Free" and not tested on animals.

How to use :
Chandan kesar is mainly used for god worship mostly shivji puja & Mastak Abhishek.